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This project is funded by a Leverhulme Research Project Grant 2020

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Deepfakes and the Dead: The Case of Anthony Bourdain

Marisa McVey In a recent interview in the New Yorker, documentary filmmaker Morgan Neville spoke about his newest work, a film on the life of the much-loved chef, writer and TV star, Anthony Bourdain. The documentary portrays the late Bourdain’s life, his impact, and legacy. During the interview, Neville disclosed that some of the audio […]

Control over images & memories

By Holly Hancock A recent BBC article on loss, death and grieving in public focused on the murders of three young women – Sarah Everard, Alice Gross and Libby Squire. In that article, the families of Alice Gross and Libby Squire shared their experiences of grieving in the public spotlight – and, moreover, the emotions […]

Summary of the MLR Workshop ‘Emerging Technologies, Personality Laws and the Dead’

A recent workshop on ‘Emerging Technologies, Personality Laws and the Dead’ held virtually on Monday 19th April, sponsored by The Modern Law Review, brought together academics from various disciplines, legal practitioners and other key experts to discuss a range of issues surrounding privacy and personality rights of the dead in the digital era. With predictions […]

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